Saturday, June 30, 2007

Never pay for any systems or strategies!

I checked out the Wizard's site and found it quite interesting but it's still only one man's opinion regardless of how much he has written. And admittedly he's obviously done a lot of research, but has he actually PLAYED roulette?

I know it's an obvious question but nowhere does he say that he's actually played the game!!!

Surely he would know about columns/dozens 'sleeping' and being hot and cold etc. Surely he would have noticed pattern that are quite unexplainable.

I have this fight with the Maths guys all the time.... I ask them if it's possible to spin 1000 Reds in a row and their immediate answer is, "Yes of course you can - anything is possible in a random game of chance!"

Have you ever seen 1000 reds in a row, are your children ever going to see 1000 Reds in a row, are their grandchildren ever going to see 1000 reds in a row?
Of course not. Reality doesn't work that way!!

Roulette is beatable but only a few are doing it. The casinos wouldn't even register my winnings as a pimple on the whole planet enough to worry about it. They make enough money out of the casual bettor who bets on their favourite numbers or their kids' birthdays or the number of their street address etc.

To win you need:
1) an iron-clad mindset that roulette is a business.
2) a discipline that tells you when enough is enough.
3) patience to not bet every spin - wait.
4) a robust strategy that returns at least 70% winners or you're doomed.