Monday, July 2, 2007

Grand Bay Cash In Problem and More

I have been really disgusted with Grand Prive casinos here lately. I have played with these casinos (Grand Bay) for years and have always been pleased until the last few months. It started in April when the USA was coming down on the casinos and the clearinghouses were not processing the cash ins.

I had cashed in for $400 and never received it. I have since cashed in a total of about $1300 and have still not received my money. They have told me it has been mailed but it has not came. It has been past the 21 business days and I have emailed & called and have been told the same thing but it is the same story.

Things have changed with this casino group...and not for the better. Also on May 27th I was playing Hitman and it went into the 18 free spin rounds and landed on the bonus suitcases. The person I picked for the bonus was Daniel Morris for $67.50 and I was excited because in that round it is atleast 2x the money up to 6x the money. The game froze and I had to log out and back in and it changed the bonus to $2.70 3x the money.

I knew this was a glitch and called Darren immediately (grand bay support) and they told me they would turn it over to microgaming and it would be rectified with 24 to 72 hours. That was on May 27th and this is June 14th and it still hasn't been rectified.

I have called and talked with them several times (including supervisors) and promises have been made but never kept. I loved this casino...I am a VIP and their bonuses are awesome...but...what good is a bonus if you never get your winnings. I am definately looking for another casino group. People...beware of these problems.



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